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Welcome to the class reunion web page!

HELP!!!  We are getting down to the wire!!!  I still need to try and find the people listed on the next page.  PLEASE if you can get in touch with any of them please do so!!!  I just need a yes or no answer.  Also for those who have not paid and want to please either call me at (660)874-4479 or email me at I need to have the seed money no later then April 2005.  This is so that all reservations can be made.  D.J., room, food, etc.  I want to make this fun for us all.  For those who have paid and have responded,  THANK YOU!!! 

Events and Announcements
Updated 6/30/04

I am planning the reunion for the last weekend of June 2005.  I'm hoping that kids will be out of school and not interfear with the Fourth of July holiday.
Update:  As of the moment it looks like that weekend will not be possible.  All hotel/motels seem to be booked on rooms.  I reserved Days Inn unofficially due to they said I couldn't actually do it until July 2004.  I guess they forgot me!  I will keep trying.   
12-04 I am going to have the reunion committee get together in January.  This will be after the holidays, and we can all get going on the reunion full force.  Any comments please direct to 

In the News
Here I would like to post any new items up for grabs.  Also if someone has an announcement for ex:  New baby???  New wedding???  Divorce?? :)
     Anything and everything that you would like the others to know.
Keep me posted!!
As of right now we are still missing lots of people.  My search efforts are really dragging me down.....   yeah right! 
PLEASE!!  If you don't think you will attend just tell me.  I'm not offended!  This is such a big deal in determining the cost of the reunion.  I also need to know if you are interested.  Please Please Please keep me up to date as good as you can.
12/04 I wanted to post that Andy Phillips had a tragic accident happen just before the Thanksgiving holiday.  He and his wife Christa lost both of their sons the Monday before Thanksgiving.  There was a terrible accident outside of their home, where both boys were drowned in a pond near by.  They were inside one of the family vehicles.  I don't know all of the details, so I don't want to word this incorrectly.  They had a beautiful funeral, and were buried together.  Our thoughts and prayers are with this family. 

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Here I would like to mention that the "seed money" is still needed to help get the reunion in gear.  This is a total of $25.00 and can be paid in installments.  Please pay by check, money order or paypal.  These will be your reciepts so please only pay this way.  I hate to say it, but this money can not be refunded due to this is paying for mailings, reservations, food, D.J. etc.  (Certain circumstances may allow for this money to be returned ex:  death in family, loss of job etc.)  This will be up to reunion committee to decide if returnable. 
This money will count towards the final ticket price.  (If anyone is willing to make donations that would be great also for those that might not be able to afford to attend) This would be a kind gesture.  I will let those who pay additional money know who they are paying for. 
Thanks everyone who has already paid the "seed money"!!!!!!!!!!!!
12/04 I wanted to let everyone know that we will still be accepting the seed money until the end of April.  This should still give us plenty of time to update any necessary information to the correct areas.  I will make the final ticket price be due several weeks before the actual reunion.  You will also be receiving your invite at that time.

Meet the Challenge!

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Here, I might put a trivia question about our years in Kirksville Senior High School.
Please try to answer and have fun with this!

Does anyone remember what was considered "in" during our High School Senior year?
Comes straight out of the yearbook........
for more information email me at to find out what page I'm talking about. 
The answer is:  skateboards, Skid Row, Ice House # Four ....
also:  parties, headbanging, hanging out on the square, and insulting Freshmen.
Fad:  Going to the movies  ex.                                                                       "Dead Poet Society was a real powerful movie."   Beth Maben
" I liked it (Dead Poet Society) because it was serious but yet funny."  Laci Williams

Please get in touch with any questions or comments on my site.