Kirksville Senior High 1990 Reunion
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On this page I will list things that I am trying to do.  I will also list the people whom I cannot find.  This will be a great place to check and see if you can help out. 


Those whom I don't have a current address or phone #:
  1. Bill Bauchman
  2. Steve Baldwin
  3. Corey Bland
  4. Amy Blickensderfer
  5. Chris Chi (Hill)
  6. Mikel Combs
  7. Kevin Cowan
  8. Billy Craig
  9. Michelle Daniels (Zaman)
  10. Elena Ellebracht (Asher)
  11. Shyra Fogleman
  12. Daniel Fountain
  13. Ted Frazier
  14. Crystal Funk
  15. Chris Gardner
  16. Eric Glidewell
  17. Tracy Gonnerman
  18. Chad Goring
  19. Scott Gray
  20. Tim Green
  21. Danica Griggs (Collinge)
  22. Eric Harlan
  23. Mark Harmon
  24. Chris Harris
  25. Helen Hodge
  26. Dorie Homan (not an acutal KV graduate)
  27. Shellie Hutchens
  28. Gavin James
  29. David Janes
  30. Lorna Johnson
  31. Daniel Kelly
  32. Jennifer Kenney
  33. Michael Laney
  34. Danny Lee
  35. Peter Lorence
  36. Beth Maben
  37. Matt Mauck
  38. Ryan McClain
  39. John McKenzie
  40. Lisa Lumsden
  41. Laime Meyer (Janes)
  42. Matt Mihalovich
  43. Michelle Moffitt (Hall)
  44. Oli Moore
  45. Richard Morrow
  46. Tera Munn
  47. Bill Murrell IV
  48. Debra Parsons
  49. Nikole Pfeiffer (lives in KV but not responding)
  50. Stacey Probasco (Patterson)
  51. Traci Russell (Johnson)
  52. Sandy Saltzman
  53. Cindy Schilt
  54. Clint Schmitter
  55. Lisa Shumaker
  56. Scott Simpson
  57. Maria Sireno
  58. Tim Sims
  59. Dannie Sizemore
  60. Autumn (Janie) Smith
  61. Bryan Smith
  62. Rebecca Smith
  63. Ryan Smith
  64. Stephanie Stone
  65. Carey Sullivan
  66. Bart Swingle
  67. Carolyn Taylor
  68. Bryan Thompson
  69. David VanSickle
  70. Jennifer Western
  71. Laci Williams
  72. Robert Williams
  73. Rachael Willson
  74. Bryan Winn
  75. Joley Wrobleski
  76. Karla Yardley
  77. Dustin Stephenson
  78. Michael O'Dell

Any idea on the location of these people please email me at  I would like to give everyone the opportunity to attend if they would like.  Also for those of you who have not responded please please please do so!!!  It is very important that I know if you do or do not want to attend.  I appreciate all of those who are helping and have helped!!!!!!!

This Week's Assignment

This week I am calling those who have not sent back their survey.  Be on the look out as I may be calling you.  Hee Hee!!
Better get those replies in the mail!!!!!  :)

Next Week's Assignment

Keep up the calls and try to send out new surveys to those that I get addresses on.
Sending out postcards to keep the "seed money" coming.  Need to get everything organized and ordered.  Don't forget the "seed money".  I sound like a sales person.  Guess that is what it takes.