Kirksville Senior High 1990 Reunion
Class Photo Album
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Class Photo Album

Here are some pictures of our class and families.....

Here is where I would like you to send me a picture of you and your family or just your kids.  Send along a little saying as to what is happening and I will get them posted.  Must be in .jpg format and needs to go to    THANKS!!!!

Kids at Grandpas Firestation
Justin, Chase and Ty in front of Firetruck

Here is a picture of my neighbor boy (Justin) and my two boys Chase and Ty.  They are both wearing orange.  Total opposite in looks and attitudes! 
Sheila Sandifer (Singleton)

Christmas Tree 2004
Chase and Ty in front of 2004 Christmas Tree

Here are Chase and Ty my two sons in front of the Christmas Tree this year. 
I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a even better New Year.
Sheila Sandifer (Singleton)